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Food Services

Food Services

Meals at our accommodations are expertly crafted on a daily basis in our professional kitchen, overseen by our Head Chef and dedicated team. With years of experience, our chefs curate fresh and enticing seasonal menus that rotate every four weeks, offering our residents a diverse range of options. These meals are thoughtfully designed in collaboration with a nutritionist to ensure our residents enjoy a well-balanced, nourishing, and delightful dining experience.

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The team

We pride ourselves on providing fresh and healthy meals to our residents which is why we have renowned head chef Jason Booth, at the forefront driving this service. Jason manages and leads a team of seven qualified individuals who all strive to provide our residents with the best quality food every day. Witnessing the joy on the residents' faces as they savour the flavours of our meals brings immense satisfaction to our team. The strong collaboration and synergy between our Food Services team and nutritionists are the driving force behind our success, and it is a source of great pride for everyone at Skymac.

The food

The meals are prepared freshly on-site every day to ensure our residents get the highest quality food. Where possible, our chefs will cater to specific dietary requirements and work with you to ensure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs. The thing that separates Skymac Group's properties from other supported accommodation services is our dedication to providing outstanding, nutritious and restaurant quality meals every day of the year.


On top of providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and morning and afternoon tea, our chefs plan and prepare uniquely curated menus for special occasions. Every Friday the chefs create authentic food from a different culture - from Greek to German to Spanish! For holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Year’s, residents are treated to traditional favourites such as hot cross buns, turkey roast, pancakes with maple syrup and more! One of our best-loved dishes the residents rave about is the classic Christmas roast lunch full of everyone’s favourites.

An array of food prepared by Skymac Group's team
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