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Reporting an Incident

Everyone at Skymac is responsible for ensuring the safety of the participants who access our services. As part of our risk management procedure, it is very important to report incidents when they occur.

What is an Incident?

An Incident is an event that has occurred where potential or actual harm came to a person or property. Some examples of incidents are:

  • Error in medication assistance

  • Illness or injury to a person (including self-harm)

  • Allergic reaction

  • Exposure to a harmful substance

  • Trip or fall

  • Physical threats or assault, including sexual assault

  • Verbal threats, assaults, harassment and bullying

  • Theft

  • Neglect or exploitation

  • Wilful or negligent damage to property

  • Fire or explosion

  • Absconding​.

What happens when we receive your incident?

We aim to review any incidents within 2 working days. We may contact you to seek additional information. If a registered disability provider or an approved home care provider is connected to the client’s account, Skymac will forward the incident details to the registered or approved provider for review and investigation.


An Incident or Accident

A Medication Incident

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