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Skymac's weekly themed lunches

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Turning every Friday lunch into a captivating international sensory experience, the Food Services team skilfully brings together a delightful and flavourful journey for the residents to enjoy every week.

Each team member is passionate about creating genuine international dishes reflective of their home countries. Friday is a much-anticipated highlight for all residents. Every themed lunch is certain to tantalise taste buds and offer a cultural immersion experience. Residents of Skymac outside Avalon Village can rest assured knowing they won't miss out, as the meals are freshly packed and delivered to their homes.

This weekly celebration not only satisfies the appetite but also fosters a sense of unity and appreciation for the unique flavours from around the world. Some of the favourites are Mexican Tacos, Japanese noodles, and the Vietnamese sampling platter.

Are you currently in search of a Supported Accommodation? Look no further! We invite you to come for a walk-through on a Friday and witness the Food Services team in action. Make an appointment today to see what truly sets Skymac apart from the rest.


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